You can’t ignore the dire warnings of the IPCC’s 6th climate assessment report. The proof presents itself as we witness centuries-old forests burn, German villages flood, and arctic glaciers melt. We know that carbon dioxide is the primary driver of climate change. However, short-lived pollutants — like methane — can be far more potent — hundreds to thousands of times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Cows beset with flatulence, spewing oil and gas wells, and waste fermenting in our landfills produce methane.

Waste from homes and businesses and the methane generated in landfills as…

If You Are Ready to Travel Pack Patience and Intention

Get ready for your adventure with an open heart and mind.

A family tentatively emerges through a tall door into the world — the light beckons.

That’s the May 24th New Yorker magazine cover, which pretty much sums up where we are after months of isolation.

I’ve become oddly accustomed to this interlude of life, the interruption of my body in motion.

Seduced by foreign lands, exotic foods, and cultures, I traveled with rambunctious determination. When the pandemic took me home, holding me firmly in place, I then realized the very privileged life I led. The world shifted, I gained perspective.

Smoke and Haze fill the West Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

As I write, the entire west is burning up in historic conflagrations. According to Meteorologist Daniel Swain, “Around 3.5 million acres have burned so far in California in 2020. That’s around 3.5% of the entire land area of the state and is approaching *double* the previous record for the greatest acreage burned during a single year.”

The air is laced with smoke and ash; the orange sun some days does not come forth. The darkness shrouds me, and the air places a heavy weight on my chest.

The earth is sending us a message in this holy darkness — flames…

Photo by Ahmad Odeh unsplash

Before the pandemic, my husband and I were spending countless hours driving hither and yon to studios practicing Gyrotonic and Pilates. We were spending hundreds of dollars each week and suffering through traffic jams and beach traffic to attend them.

Once we sheltered in place, we began taking an online class that has revolutionized our lives. Not only have our physical bodies improved, but our relationship has deepened because we are learning and practicing together.

The practice is called Gyrokinesis, and it doesn’t require any fancy equipment or costly gear. We wear comfortable clothes and sit on a simple stool…

A Blank slate — tabla rasa

I know not the day nor the hour

only the fashion of my rhythms

awake tired, hungry, creative?

All at once and then

Not at all

my very spirit seems to be emerging

in an opening of wings so expansive

the entire universal seems to be spiraling change

also mad righteous, I’m scared of the monkey in us all right now.

Okay with that our of my system I will try to continue in full sentences.

I have come to cherish this time of distance and solitude.

For instance my dog Pearl Buttons has…

I was traveling and on holiday when the pesky virus unfolded into a full-blown pandemic. I went from mild consternation to great foreboding — mainly for fear that I might not make it back into the country.

I boarded one of the last planes out of Costa Rica, just before the frontiers closed.

Today, I nestle at home with a full larder and a fidgety mind. How can I stay relevant and at peace in the time of pestilence and social distancing? I found five things that are keeping me on track and focused on what’s important.

Eat well and…

What’s in an idiom? It’s a saying, usually set down from the past, that has a very different meaning than its literal words. The words don’t mean what they say, can I say what they mean?

For instance, when I’m talking with my friend, am I actually chewing the fat? And when I’m found wrong, is there really egg on my face?

In a nutshell, idioms are phrases that we use every day, as easy as apple pie, without even realizing it.

I have acquired a taste for recognizing them as they’re sprinkled through many half-baked conversations. …

This is about the day I watched Our Lady of Paris burn

It about how I grieve and why

My Heart Broken

I was working as it is

and should naught have glanced down at my phone

Notre Dame en fue!?

the embodiment of nearly 1000 years

of majesty, beauty and hope

gone in mere hours?

Like the flames of Joan of Arc

My love of France and the Île de la Cité

goes back to 2006

It was my first International trip — alone

In the shadows of Notre Dames tower

I savored my first crepe

served forth hot…

Google Peace Schnitzel

It comes right up on the first page.

Not on the second where it is said that dead bodies are buried.

I was forever young and hopeful when I wrote it.

Passionate about food and peace,

and of course, schnitzels.

So, I penned a piece for HuffPost called Peace Schnitzel. It’s there if you search.

Turns out schnitzels are famously pounded, breaded, fried and enjoyed the world over. I wondered if they could be a vehicle to understanding and cooperation? Even of organic agriculture?

From Mexico to Marrakesh, Estonia to Istanbul, in Israel and North Korea, Iran…

111 Million People Just Saw the USDA Organic Seal. Do They Know What It Means?

Photo by on

While a good portion of America was jostling around their televisions rooting for the winning touchdown, I was waiting for The Ad. Sunday’s primetime event heralded the first time in our nation’s history that millions of Americanswould witness and be inspired by the USDA Organic seal — all at the same time.

The Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Super Bowl ad may have been a milestone for organic, but do most football fans understand what it really means?

This place so pure you can feel it…

Melody Meyer

Intrepid traveler, curious cook & agricultural advocate who revels in provocating through my fingers.

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